1. Can I Achieve The Same Results As Waxing?
Our product will give you the same hair free results as waxing based on the super lift and cut action of our blades which rotate at <10,000rpm.  The result will be silky smooth skin for weeks 

2. Does It Hurt?
Used correctly you will not feel any pain or irritation during the process 

3. How Does The Mini Shaver Work?
The rotating blades lift and cut action removes the hair comfortably closer than a standard razor 

4. Is The Mini Shaver Suitable For All Skin Types?
Yes - However we do not recommend using the Mini Shaver on troubled or highly blemished skin to avoid further irritation 

5. How Often Do I Need To Use My Mini Shaver?
To maintain silky smooth skin we recommend using your Mini Shaver weekly

6. Which Areas Of My Body Can I Use My Mini Shaver On?
Our recommendation is to use this on your face.  However you are able to use this on other smaller areas such as under your arms and your bikini area

7.  Are There Any Side Effects?
When used correctly you should not experience any pain or irritation.  If you do please stop using the Mini Shaver immediately and contact us with your concerns at info@zbella.com.au

8. How Do I Replace The Battery?
All instructions on how to use and replace the battery are outlined in your user manual