Welcome to zBella!

We Are Proudly Australian Owned 

zBella or “sei bella” means you are beautiful - and that’s exactly how we want you to feel.

When it comes to trying to be the most beautiful versions of ourselves choosing the right products or simply just finding the time can be a challenge. We are faced with an endless selection of choice and brand promises in the marketplace today.

Like you I was experiencing the same challenges and found it difficult to cut through all the noise and just find products that were quick and easy to use and gave me the results I was looking for.

My beauty routine consists of applying and removing my make up, removing unwanted facial hair "lets face it" as we get older there seems to just be more of it, and anything that can help delay the signs of ageing is a bonus.  

What's important to me is that I use products that are cruelty free, sustainable, non toxic, are quick & easy to use and don't cause any pain or irritation. 

I found products that met my needs but they were not very cost effective and in some cases just didn't do what they said they should.

So i decided to just design my own!