zBella Black Obsidian Facial Roller & Gua Sha Set


Enhance your skincare routine – the natural way!

Facial Rolling and Gua Sha are traditional massage techniques designed to relieve tension in the muscles of the face, boost blood circulation, and encourage lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness.

This should be a staple in any skincare routine. 

It’s time to rethink the way you look at skincare and take your beauty regimen to the next level.


What Comes In The Box
100% Genuine Black Obsidian Roller x 1 and Gua Sha x 1

All you need is 5 minutes each day to:

  • Help reduce the appearance of fine lines
  • Aid in reducing inflammation and puffiness
  • Used cold the roller can assist in the reduction of dark circles under the eyes
  • It can assist in stimulating the lymphatic system and increase blood circulation
  • Help to brighten your complexion
  • Help to minimise and tighten pores

1. When Do You Use A Roller vs A Gua Sha?
We suggest a Roller for the main purposes of reducing puffiness and soothing skin
We suggest a Gua Sha for the main purposes of manual lymphatic drainage, relieving facial and jaw tension, lifting and contouring the skin
Both will boost circulation and promote skin rejuvenation 

2. How Often Should I Use My Roller?
We recommend once a day preferably in the evening so you can relax and put your feet up 

3. How Often Should I Use My Gua Sha?
We recommend 2 to 3 times a week preferably in the evening so you can relax and put your feet up 

4. How Do I Clean My Roller and Gua Sha?
Gently with warm water 

5. Should I Use My Roller and Gua Sha Warm Or Cold?
We recommend putting your Roller and Gua Sha in the fridge for half an hour before use so it's cold.  

6. Is Your Black Obsidian Sustainably Sourced?
Yes we ensure that our supplier source their raw materials form sustainable sources  

7. Which Areas Of My Body Can I Use My Roller and Gua Sha?
We recommend using your roller on your face.
You can use the Gua Sha tool on any part of your body you feel tension. 

8.   Does Gua Sha Treatment Hurt?
Some discomfort is normal during treatment, but the method and massage should not induce intense pain. Some slight bruising may arise, yet, if bruises emerge repeatedly, the technique is being executed too intensely. The technique does not need to bruise or procure pain to be effective.

9. Are There Any Side Effects?
When used correctly you should not experience any pain or irritation. If you do please stop using the Roller immediately and contact us with your concerns at info@zbella.com.au 

Facial Roller

Step 1: Start at the neck and roll upward.  For best results, roll up, not back and forth

Step 2: Roll from the jawline to the ear on both sides using gentle pressure.  You can continue this motion all the way from the jaw to the cheekbone

Step 3: Roll from the forehead up toward the temples, only in the upward direction.  It's the same gentle pull that you would use if you were using your hands to pull the skin taut and wrinkle-free

Step 4: Roll flat over your eyebrows horizontally, which may feel especially relieving if you have a headache

Step 5: Always remember to clean your roller after use in warm or cold water

Gua Sha

Step 1: Warm your Gua Sha Tool gently in your hands

Step 2: Starting at the neck sweep up on both sides

Step 3: Sweep under your chin in an outwards motion

Step 4: Sweep from the middle of chin over your jawline in a upwards motion on both sides

Step 5: Sweep underneath your cheekbone on both sides

Step 6: Sweep over your cheekbone on both sides

Step 7: Sweep very gently under your eyes

Step 8: Sweep over the eyebrows out toward the hairline and up from the brow bone

Step 9: Sweep from the middle of the forward out to the hairline

** You should do at least 3 sweeps for each step on both sides of your face and neck

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